A Father's Day Throwback ...

It’s almost Father’s Day, and I am thinking of the weird and wonderful season nineteen years ago when my husband Mark learned of his own impending daddyhood. I wrote this to him back then; maybe some of you currently have the newly disrupted households (or memories) to relate to it now.

Happy Father’s Day, Mark Arends.  I knew you would be a father among fathers, and you have not disappointed.

ReArrangements - What constitutes a well-arranged life?


I’m pleased to be writing a new standing column for TCW, wherein I get to explore a thesis that (a) spiritual transformation is actually possible and (b) we are invited to cooperate with God in the work he wants to do in our lives. …

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A New Light on a Dark Friday Cry


Today’s Throwback Thursday is a piece I have revisited each holy week over the past few years. As we remember Jesus’ anguished cry from the cross, we are once again extended an invitation to delve a little deeper into the mystery of just what he might have meant.

Psalm 22, …

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Be Still … Still a Challenge


Today’s Throwback Thursday is “Be Still” from the 2009 project LOVE WAS HERE FIRST. Because … if you’ve had a week like mine, you might need to hear it as much as I do!

Here’s a bit of background on the song, from an interview I did around the …

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Carbonated Holiness: Laughter is Serious Business