Announcing my new adventure with Renovaré



Hey All,

It is with a great sense of anticipation and delight that I announce I have been appointed Director of Education with Renovaré. Here are some excerpts from a letter I sent my family and friends about this new development:

… The job is with Renovaré – the organization that Richard Foster founded (after he wrote Celebration of Discipline) in order to encourage and nourish intentional spiritual formation. I’ve been a beneficiary and advocate of Renovaré resources and principles for a very long time – basically ever since my friend and producer Roy Salmond gave my husband Mark and me the Renovaré Devotional Classics collection right before my first tour 20 years ago. The first retreats I ever led were entitled “Holy Habits” and were based on Foster’s seminal book, and there have been countless intersections between my own life and Renovaré’s ever since. 

In early June, I came across their posting for a Director of Education. They needed someone to oversee several initiatives, including and especially their Institute of Christian Spiritual Formation (a two-year program students work through remotely, coming together for two intensive weeks of in-person classes each year). The position also included a wide variety of opportunities to write and teach. The job was full-time, remote from anywhere in North America (the posting said “USA,” but we got that straightened out), with travel into the US five times per year to facilitate the learning cohorts.

When I saw the job posting, I felt like someone hit a tuning fork and set it buzzing somewhere deep inside of me. I applied, and after an intensive vetting and interview process, I was offered the position last Thursday. I begin officially on September 15th.

This position feels very much like a continuation and culmination of the things I’ve been working on the past several years. I’ll covet your prayers as I dive in.

So am I quitting music? Nah. Music is my second language (maybe my first) and I’ll be speaking it ’til I die (and then, I imagine, I’ll speak it some more). I’m excited to record a 20th Anniversary project with Spencer and Roy in August (my first CD was released August 15, 1995). Beyond that – well, the plan will reveal itself in good time. Renovaré has a long track record of allowing their initiatives to be shaped in part by the giftings of their team members, so I am excited to see what that looks like down the road.

A lot of my songs follow a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure. The role of the bridge is to make the song richer and more dimensional by taking it somewhere new tonally and thematically, without departing so dramatically as to abandon the original song. Thank you for investing in my verses and choruses in such wonderful ways so far. Here comes the bridge!

Pax Christi,


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