Amy Grant, Fragile and Me

AmyCarolynTakenByRickCropAmy Grant was the first person who taught me the power of a song; she will always have priority seating in myAmyCarolynBeth heart. So I’ve been looking forward to her concert with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with glee. Last night I was able to attend with my mom and my daughter (3 Generations of Song Geeks!) and our dear friends Tannis, Maureen and Kohl. (Many thanks to Russ Long, who got my whole posse into the Meet and Greet.) I was especially excited to introduce my 12-year-old daughter Beth to Amy and her music. (“She’s my Taylor Swift,” I told Beth. “Oh!” said Beth, “I get it!”)


The concert was splendid — a crackerjack band and a very fine orchestra all orbiting around Amy’s warm, winsome presence. Remarkably, amongst her 3+ decades of hits, the songs that stood out to us the most were from her newest project, How Mercy Looks From Here

We bought it immediately after the concert – go and do likewise.

About a third of the way into the concert, Amy mentioned that some of her favourite artists were Canadian–and then she named two in particular: Carolyn Arends and Joni Mitchell. (My friend Rick Calhoun teased me afterwards that at least she got her Canadian artists in the right order!) And then Amy (the woman, you will recall from paragraph one, who taught me the power of a song), noted that my song “Fragile” had been a lifeline to one of her family members for a very long time.

Um … that was cool.

So here is my song, Fragile. You can listen to it while you’re making arrangements to pick up Amy’s new album.

Carolyn Arends

Life would be easier in thicker skinunderthegaze_0
Yours is thin
It would be better if you wouldn’t cry
All your friends
They wonder why

You’re fragile, easily broken
You’re fragile, already scarred
You’re fragile, but haven’t you noticed
All the most precious things are

Well if the eyes are windows to the soul
Yours is blue
And beautiful
You just don’t have the knack for building walls
Whatever comes
You feel it all

You’re fragile, easily broken…

I’ve heard it said there’s got to be a crack or two
For the light to get through
It seems to me that you are meant to be the kind
Who shines

You’re always trying to find an even keel
Somewhere safe
And not so real
But you were made to live the lows and highs
A winter rose
A butterfly

You’re fragile, easily broken…

© Songs of Peer, Ltd / Mr. Marley’s Music (ASCAP)

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