Wrestling with Angels

Life is messy. But life is also beautiful. These are the twin themes that author/artist Carolyn Arends (writer of ten Top 10 Christian songs) opens up in her searching exploration of how God meets people in the ordinary moments of life, part of the ConversantLife.com line of books.

This humorous, tender, and passionate collection of personal stories illustrate the mysterious ways that God works to bring people through life’s struggles and discover the amazing power of grace.

Exquisite writing combines with humble self-disclosure and profound insight to make this book an unforgettable experience. – Brennan Manning, author

Anyone who has tired of hearing famous Christians discuss their faith with trite platitudes will appreciate Arends’ refreshing book … Arends addresses the eternal nature of the soul and affirms the powerful grace of God. – Publisher’s Weekly

Carolyn observes keenly, reflects deeply, and renders it all poetically. She can startle with her honesty. These pages are a reminder that God is often nearest when he seems furthest, most bent on our remaking when we think he’s bent on our undoing–and that sometimes these are one and the same thing. – Mark Buchanan, author

Note: Wrestling with Angels was formally published as Living the Questions, and contains a new Introduction.

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