When dear old friends do cool new things

A quick post to share a couple of very cool news items with you.

First, a chance to back Rose Capanna’s book. 

My dear friend Rose has been my webmaster since I knew what the “web” was. In fact, those of you who have known me for a long time will remember getting regular email updates about my goings on from Rose (or “Rowzee” as she is sometimes known).

But my history with Rose is not why you should back her book project. You should back her book project because she’s a great writer with a really fascinating true story to tell, and backing her book is a chance to help usher something interesting, valuable, and beautiful into the world. Check it out!

PS – Just in case knowing that you are a literary patron is not enough motivation, Rose’s Kickstarter backer rewards are really cool!

Second, a new book about Rich Mullins.

September 19, 2017 will mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Rich Mullins, a man whose music (and life) meant so very much to many of us. Andrew Greer and Randy Cox have gathered up a series of short essays, conversations, and memories that give a uniquely delightful glimpse into Rich and the dent he made for the Kingdom.

Contributors include: Amy Grant, Cindy Morgan, Brennan Manning, David McCracken, Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, Dan Haseltine, Sara Groves, Mitch McVicker, Ashely Cleveland, Shane Claiborne, Third Day, Jimmy Abegg, Jonathan Martin, and many more – including yours truly.

You can order the book from all the usual retailers, and find out lots more at this pretty nifty website.

Ok, that’s all the news for this post. I don’t stand to gain anything personally from these offerings – other than knowing I helped spread a little good in the world!





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