Theology in Aisle Seven

This is book is currently being re-published and will soon be available once more on Kindle, Nook, and other platforms, as well as – for the first time – as a softcover. In the meantime, click the “Buy Now” button to instantly download a PDF version of the full book. Thanks!

Got Questions?  Me Too!

I tussle with some tough ones in THEOLOGY IN AISLE SEVEN.

It represents four years of “Wrestling With Angels” columns … and a lifetime of grappling with all manner of everyday mysteries.

“So that’s what you have here—an overview of the Christian life in 25 snapshots. In fact, that number of chapters invites one to read a chapter a night for a month as a devotional exercise. No there are not exactly 30 chapters, but if you’re like me, I invariable miss a night or two. So this set up will give you a little grace right off the bat.

And that’s appropriate for a book like this, with graceful reflections on the life of grace.” – Mark Galli

Here’s the official description…

Most people know Carolyn Arends as a musician and songwriter. But as Billboard Magazine put it, Carolyn is “one of the most affecting communicators in any genre.”

In Theology in Aisle Seven Carolyn writes about a full-orbed Christian spirituality.  She reflects on everything from the sobering judgment of God to what she calls “the serious business” of laughter.  No matter the topic she addresses, she offers a refreshing, creative glimpse into the Christian life.  All in 25 snapshot chapters—perfect for about a month of thoughtful devotional reading.


I’ll meet you in Aisle Seven!