I’m currently in the studio recording two new projects – a full-length project of new originals (entitled “RECOGNITION”), and a 7-song acoustic album of some of my favourite worship songs.

These projects got an incredible boost from an unbelievable community of Kickstarter backers, and I take their support as a commissioning to do the very best work I can.

Do stay in touch! I send out a Digest every Sunday containing four things:
1. A Song (usually a live iPhone video of a new tune I’m working on.)
2. A Word (a prose piece from me or someone else.)
3. A Happening (something coming up you might want to know about.)
4. A Link Buffet (cool stuff you might be interested in!)

The Digest is the best way to stay in the loop regarding the progress we’re making on the new projects.

You can sign up HERE.

Or feel free to explore my website and the store. I’m glad you’re here!

~ Carolyn



  1. Thank you Carolyn for continuing to sing and inspire hope for those of us in the church!
    We are living in such unbelievably tragic days! Particularly in both the Canadian and US political world. Your blog about groaning is particularly timely. And yet, because our hope lies beyond this world, we need not dispair!!
    You may not remember me and the conversation we had in Parksville about 2003. My sister Lynn knew you years ago through St Johns and possibly Pacific Theatre since she volunteered as their stage manager for a few years in the late 80’s/early 90’s. We spoke about Lynn and her sad drifting away from faith at that time. Sadly she succombed to cancer in 2006, leaving two young daughters with only a sliver of genuine faith as she slipped away in a fog of drug controlled unbearable pain. We also spoke about our adopted daughter Erin’s difficult journey through FASD and her newborn baby girl that my wife and I would be (somewhat reluctantly) helping her raise. You autographed a CD for us with an encouraging message that night! Today we are with Erin and husband Brad and 17 yr old Paisley And although the road has surely been bumpy at times we can see God’s hand faithfully at work!
    Please be encouraged to continue your work!

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