The Case for Confession

The Case for Confession The Importance of Naming and Owning Our Sin When our friends’ son Sam was young, he was attached to a stuffed animal named Lamblamb. Two things made Lamblamb unique. First, Lamblamb was a hybrid species. Flowing from his blue lamb head was a matching fleece blanket, making him a versatile companion. Second, Lamblamb had a propensity for crime. Our friends had a gas fireplace which became

Transformation Takes Time

Learning to Trust the Slow Work of God My colleague Brian and I were discussing the work a promotional agency was doing to encourage people to visit articles on Renovaré’s website. (Renovaré is a Christian spiritual formation organization. I serve there as the director of education.) “This agency means well,” Brian said, “but they keep suggesting headlines like ‘Four easy steps to spiritual growth.’ If we want to be accurate,

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