A Hurry-Free Life

Slowly Learning not To Rush One of the things I enjoy about working with the spiritual formation organization Renovaré is that every member of our small staff adores literature and language. It makes our meetings long, but entertaining. Our writing process is labored, but rewarding. And where other teams might pass around snacks or office supplies, we trade quotes. I love the quotes. Truly. Except for two that get bandied about with

The Case for Confession

The Case for Confession The Importance of Naming and Owning Our Sin When our friends’ son Sam was young, he was attached to a stuffed animal named Lamblamb. Two things made Lamblamb unique. First, Lamblamb was a hybrid species. Flowing from his blue lamb head was a matching fleece blanket, making him a versatile companion. Second, Lamblamb had a propensity for crime. Our friends had a gas fireplace which became

Getting Creative

Getting Creative: Our urge to make stuff tells us something important When COVID-19 first hit, and it started to dawn on us that life-as-usual might be cancelled for a while, I noticed something weird. People were crafting. Seriously. A scroll through social media in the early days of the pandemic revealed all manner of projects. Knitting. Painting. Beading. Landscaping. Sourdough-ing. Faced with something that felt a bit like the end

Seizing the Day

For 25 years now I’ve been singing about a novelist, a missionary doctor and a starry-eyed artist – the characters who populate “Seize the Day.” But I think it’s time to add a verse about the woman who aspires to a life characterized by a long micro-obedience in the same direction. A life of unseen, unspectacular faithfulness. A life made new every morning, day by day, seized by love.

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