Headless Snakes and Other Matters

A few folks have told me that they heard this story quoted on David Jeremiah’s radio broadcast yesterday. Here is the whole article, with apologies for the snake gore!

Satan’s a Goner

Knowing God Means More Than Describing Him (April CT column)

Last week, Christianity Today published the last in my five year series of Wrestling With Angels columns. I’ll have some exciting announcements soon about what’s going to be on my plate next, but in the meantime I’d love to get your thoughts on the power and limitations of words … …

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Donald Duck, Back Pain, & the Reformation (New CT column)

Here’s my newest CT column – reaching to articulate something important (I think) about using our God-given capacity to understand and use symbols. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

When God Wears a Costume

Why we need symbols in order to see him.
Carolyn Arends

Duct Tape Disciples (Newish CT Column)

Happy New Year, Friends!

Lo, I have been absent from the blog these past few months. Intense school, touring and teaching schedules flowed right into the holidays–it’s been rich and good, but I have missed you. Here, tardily, is my most recent CT column. I plan to be around these …

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Worship con Queso

How sensual delights prepare us for the eternal feast
(In the September issue of Christianity Today)

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