Do you have photos or videos that can help us tell YOUR story?

I shared this on social media, but wanted to reach out directly to folks like you who read this blog …

Spencer Capier and I have written and recorded a new song called AFTER THIS. It is centered around an achingly beautiful fiddle melody that Spencer wrote, which taps into some of the loss and longing we’re experiencing in this season of social distancing. We are in the midst of creating a video for it, and this is where you come in.

Do you have any short video clips or photos that capture some of the social distancing reality of these last several weeks? Maybe it’s an image of visiting your loved one through a window, or a virtual birthday or wedding or funeral, the use of a sign to communicate, a family photo resplendent in surgical masks, or something else entirely. Whether it’s heartbreaking or funny or just ordinary life, if it’s an image that captures some of the reality and ethos of this season, we’d love to consider including it in the video.

We’ve already received a lot of amazing submissions (and if you’ve already sent something in, we’re grateful.) Our greatest need at this point is for video clips, although we are still accepting photos as well.

If you have an image or video you’d be willing to share, please send it to me at

We’re hoping this song can express something important in this time, and we’re also working it out to donate proceeds to a cause we really, really love (more on that soon.) THANKS!

PS – Here’s a little snippet of the song-in-process …


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