A Bonafide Life Hack – Join me in the Book Club

Generally, I don’t believe in “life hacks” – I figure all the things that really matter take good-old-fashioned effort and diligence. I have, however, found one “life hack” that really works … If you wish you could find a way to make room in your life for meaningful reading, you should totally join the Renovaré Book Club. Now, in my case, it helps that I’m the coordinator of the Book Club.

Announcing my new adventure with Renovaré

  Hey All, It is with a great sense of anticipation and delight that I announce I have been appointed Director of Education with Renovaré. Here are some excerpts from a letter I sent my family and friends about this new development: … The job is with Renovaré – the organization that Richard Foster founded (after he wrote Celebration of Discipline) in order to encourage and nourish intentional spiritual formation. I’ve

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