Seizing the Day

For 25 years now I’ve been singing about a novelist, a missionary doctor and a starry-eyed artist – the characters who populate “Seize the Day.” But I think it’s time to add a verse about the woman who aspires to a life characterized by a long micro-obedience in the same direction. A life of unseen, unspectacular faithfulness. A life made new every morning, day by day, seized by love.

Rudolph Live – A Yuletide Throwback Thursday

Most folks who know my music also know Spencer Capier–his contributions on violin, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki and vocals have helped define my work for pretty much my whole career. But some folks know I used to tour with not one but two “Spencers” (often referred to as “The Spenci,” or “Two Spence Much the Richer.”) In the early days, pianist and vocalist Spencer Welch often joined Spencer Capier and I in our musical

Be Still … Still a Challenge

Today’s Throwback Thursday is “Be Still” from the 2009 project LOVE WAS HERE FIRST. Because … if you’ve had a week like mine, you might need to hear it as much as I do! Here’s a bit of background on the song, from an interview I did around the time I recorded it: One song that means a lot to me is “Be Still.” The bridge says: Oh how I need

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