Bonaventure: Good Advice for Students Everywhere

tired-studentReading a little medieval philosophy and theology this morning, and this jumped out at me from the Prologue to St Bonaventure’s THE MIND’S ROAD TO GOD:

Therefore to the cry of prayer through Christ crucified, by Whose blood we are purged of the filth of vice, do I first invite the reader, lest perchance he should believe that it suffices to read without unction, speculate without devotion, investigate without wonder, examine without exultation, work without piety, know without love, understand without humility, be zealous without divine grace, see without wisdom divinely inspired.

How many times have I attempted to “read without unction” or “investigate without wonder”?  Many, many times.

“Perhaps the first danger of the theologian is being able to write without astonishment.” – Belden C. Lane

I best get back to my reading. But first I’m going to pray … for unction, devotion, wonder, a glimpse that leads to exultation, piety, love, humility, divine grace, wisdom, and inspiration.  Oh, and retention. Definitely retention. There’s a quiz in tonight’s class.

Pax Christi,



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