The Case for Confession

The Case for Confession The Importance of Naming and Owning Our Sin When our friends’ son Sam was young, he was attached to a stuffed animal named Lamblamb. Two things made Lamblamb unique. First, Lamblamb was a hybrid species. Flowing from his blue lamb head was a matching fleece blanket, making him a versatile companion. Second, Lamblamb had a propensity for crime. Our friends had a gas fireplace which became

The Grace of Wrath

The Grace of WrathIs there any story about God that isn’t a love story? I was a columnist at Christianity Today for five years. This piece, from 2008, was one of the first I ever wrote for them, and it was almost the last. It unleashed a flood of hate mail (ironic given its subject matter)—folks objecting strongly to my argument that there is no “shadow side” to God’s love.

Getting Creative

Getting Creative: Our urge to make stuff tells us something important When COVID-19 first hit, and it started to dawn on us that life-as-usual might be cancelled for a while, I noticed something weird. People were crafting. Seriously. A scroll through social media in the early days of the pandemic revealed all manner of projects. Knitting. Painting. Beading. Landscaping. Sourdough-ing. Faced with something that felt a bit like the end

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