Transformation Takes Time

Learning to Trust the Slow Work of God My colleague Brian and I were discussing the work a promotional agency was doing to encourage people to visit articles on Renovaré’s website. (Renovaré is a Christian spiritual formation organization. I serve there as the director of education.) “This agency means well,” Brian said, “but they keep suggesting headlines like ‘Four easy steps to spiritual growth.’ If we want to be accurate,

A New Video and The Bittersweet Longing

Rich Mullins, as best as I can remember him Last fall at Hutchmoot, I ran into a fellow named Andrew Montonera. He told me that while he was working at a television station, he had come across some raw footage of the “Awesome God” Rich Mullins Tribute recording sessions, shot in 1998. Andrew was kind enough to pass on the footage involving my cover of Rich’s “Jacob and Two Women.”

The Kickstarter is Over, But Two New Projects are Coming Soon!

I’m currently in the studio recording two new projects – a full-length project of new originals (entitled “RECOGNITION”), and a 7-song acoustic album of some of my favourite worship songs. These projects got an incredible boost from an unbelievable community of Kickstarter backers, and I take their support as a commissioning to do the very best work I can. Do stay in touch! I send out a Digest every Sunday

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