Altar of Ego: This One’s For The Dogs

DogsOfPeaceRecently, enduringly groovy Nashville drummer John Hammond asked if I would post a video for “Altar of Ego,” a song from my very first release back in 1995. John played on the original track, as did three other insanely talented guys – Gordon Kennedy (guitar), Jimmie Lee Sloas (bass) and Blair Masters (keys). The astute among you may know that those 4 guys went on to form the wonderfully quirky band Dogs of Peace. After a long time off-leash, Dogs of Peace are currently back in their kennel working on new music. How great is that?

Anyway, as we all await new tunes from the Dogs, here is “Altar of Ego” – perhaps my wordiest song ever (and I have some wordy songs.) I enjoyed listening to it again – I hope you do, too.




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