A Lenten Collection (and it's free)

Hi All,

Welcome to the new CAROLYNARENDS.COM BLOG – which looks a lot like the old blog, but is easier to navigate. I hope you enjoy it!

Please consider this your formal invitation to subscribe to the new blog (meaning when I post you’ll know about it.)  RIGHT NOW, EVERYONE WHO SUBSCRIBES RECEIVES a FREE download copy of my LENTEN COLLECTION (7 songs, drawn from several of my albums, that particularly speak to this time of year.)A Lenten Collection

Please note that if you had signed up to receive an email whenever I post on the old blog, that subscription unfortunately cannot be carried over to the new blog. Sorry about that! The good news is that if you resubscribe (or subscribe for the first time if you never have before), you’ll get the Lenten Collection.  The need to resubscribe applies only to blog-post subscriptions. If you’ve subscribed in the past to the Newsletter, that subscription WILL survive the transition. (You are welcome – nay, encouraged – to subscribe BOTH to the Newsletter and to the Blog-Post updates.)

Thanks – see you soon!



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