Generally, I don’t believe in “life hacks” – I figure all the things that really matter take good-old-fashioned effort and diligence. I have, however, found one “life hack” that really works …

If you wish you could find a way to make room in your life for meaningful reading, you should totally join the Renovaré Book Club.

Now, in my case, it helps that I’m the coordinator of the Book Club. But even if I wasn’t, I would join, because the weekly reading reminders, bonus resources (from the authors and facilitators), and community connections help me move the reading I want to do from “aspirational” to “scheduled.” It’s like magic!

(OK, sure, it still takes old-fashioned effort and diligence, but it helps me make that happen.)

The Club runs this year from the end of October until mid-June. Here are the books:

Book One: God-Soaked Life: Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality, written by Benedictine Anglican Priest Chris Webb. Chris himself will be facilitating.

Book Two: The Hiding Place, the contemporary classic by Corrie Ten Boom. The facilitator will be Marti Ensign, a long-time missionary to Africa who enjoyed a close friendship with Corrie.

Book Three: The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. Inklings scholar Dr. Robert Moore-Jumonville will be leading us through this lively classic.

Book Four: Living Wisely with the Church Fathers written by Renovaré president and Early Church scholar Chris Hall. Chris will facilitate this one for us.

And here’s a new twist for the Club this year – in addition to our online community, we’ve got 83 (and counting) volunteers coordinating in-person groups that will meet once a month for some caffeine and conversation. When you join the Club, you can check our map to see if there is someone heading up a group in your area. If there’s not, you can stick with the online community – or you can actually volunteer to head a group in your area yourself!

So … consider yourself invited. We begin on Monday (don’t worry, we can send you some PDFs of the opening chapters of the first book to tide you over until you have a copy.)

Hope to see you in the Club! (Learn more HERE.)

Pax Christi,


PS – If you happen to live in the lower mainland of British Columbia – come to my group! Beginning in November, we’ll be meeting the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month at a coffee shop in Cloverdale. Simply join the Club and then look me up on the map and send me an email.



  1. So excited to join and then… $50? Just curious why the cost? I’ve joined a few book clubs online and never had to pay a membership fee.
    Genuinely curious.

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this comment sooner, Laurie! The membership fees go towards the honorariums we pay our facilitators to create Book Club exclusive content, as well as the costs associated with designing, hosting and maintaining the community forum, providing staff to shepherd the Club, etc. Renovaré is a non-profit and so most folks don’t mind helping to cover the operational and creative expenses. Hope that helps clarify! By the way, now that we are almost through the first book, the fee for the remainder of the season (working through books 2-4) is $30.

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