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Hey! I’m so glad you’re here! If we haven’t met yet, my name is Carolyn. I write songs, books, and articles, and serve as the Director of Education for Renovaré. I love ideas and language (and chocolate). I’m convinced that the Kingdom of Heaven is near, and I’m rather preoccupied with figuring out all the things that might mean. This is where I post my latest projects, articles, and news … and where, I hope, we get to know each other. Welcome!

Don’t let Advent get away from you this year. From December 1-24, you’re invited to open a calendar door each day to discover a short Advent reflection accompanied by a song. Better yet, you can sign up to receive daily Advent Calendar email reminders (and enter to win a sweet giveaway.)




Latest articles & news

  • August 15, 2020   Carolyn Arends     4

I’m currently in the studio recording two new projects – a full-length project of new originals (entitled “RECOGNITION”), and a ...

  • August 2, 2020   Carolyn Arends     4

Many people see the injustice in the world as a reason to give up on faith. But the irony is, ...

  • July 21, 2020   Carolyn Arends     2

I was humbled. The Holy Spirit had been moving, and I, one of the few mature believers in the room, ...

  • June 21, 2020   Carolyn Arends     10

The day before he died, my father wore what his doctors called the "Star Wars mask"—a high-tech oxygen system that ...


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