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Steve Bell on Why Songs Matter

I posted this quote over at SONGVILLE (my blog for songwriters) yesterday, but it means so much to me I thought it belonged here, too.  Here is the always eloquent Steve Bell on Why Songs Matter:


"Songs remain a mystery and a miracle for me.  Vocationally, I can’t think of a single thing I’d rather contribute to the world.  Songs often know things the writer doesn’t even know. They accomplish things that mere mortals are unable to accomplish. They delight, remember, provoke,  entertain, gladden, sadden, enflame, enrage, soothe, heal…   The best songs outlive their authors and have an independent existence and purpose.  These are the ones every song writer hopes to write."
- Steve Bell
(taken from Steve's Great "Happy New Year" blog post)

Amen, my brother, Amen.

Kind of makes me want to write a song today!



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