Remembering 9/11 - No Words

My webmaster and friend Rose recently reminded me that back in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, we created a reflection site at in an effort to offer a place for our little community to try to process what had happened.  Reading now the writings that we posted back then, I'm struck by the solidarity I felt with my American neighbors.  And I can't help noticing how shocked we all felt that we, as North Americans, could be so vulnerable--a reality we've grown more accustomed to, I think, over the intervening years.

In the light of the impending 10-year anniversary of the attacks, we thought we'd re-share those old posts with you now.  If you've been a part of the community for a long time, you might see some of your own thoughts included there; if you weren't with us back then, perhaps you'll find something useful there now.

Our original 9/11 posts are HERE:

If they spark any reflections for you, please be sure to post them in the comments section of this blog.

Grace and peace to you,


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