Lest We Forget (plus a free song and book excerpt)

It's almost 1am here in British Columbia and we have officially bid adeiu to another Remembrance Day.  With all due respect to my American cousins, I prefer the name "Remembrance Day" to "Veterans Day", because the event is a rare and holy invitation to a time of intentional recall.

My kids and I saluted in front of the television at 11am this morning and welled up to Reveille and In Flanders Fields.  Bethany (and Mark) coloured 5 or 6 poppy and cross scenes and we taped them up on the pantry cupboards.  At bedtime prayers both of our kids thanked God for the courage of others and noted unprompted that they were reminded of Christ's sacrifice for them.

Time and geography put considerable distance between my own little family and the realities of war.  If there weren't a day set aside--a holiday, even--for remembering, we'd forget for sure ...

In honor of this special remembering day, I'd like to share an excerpt with you from my book WRESTLING WITH ANGELS--a chapter all about remembering so that we don't forget.  And because it's late and I'm feeling sentimental, I'm also going to share a song here called DO WE DARE (from my FEEL FREE disc) that is likewise all about recall.  I hope you can find a moment to check out both, and that you enjoy them -- just scroll down to the bottom of this post to download.

By the way, I thank God upon every remembrance of you,
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CD out of print but available for download at itunes and Amazon

You can grab the lyrics for DO WE DARE here.


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