Just Added: FREE Edmonton Concert 10/17 in support of Compassion Canada

Hey All -- We're very excited to announce we've just added a FREE EDMONTON CONCERT to our fall calendar in support of Compassion Canada.  Despite a very busy touring season (much of it with the LOVE WAS HERE FIRST TOUR) it's our only trip to Alberta for the rest of the year -- so we'd love to see you if you can get there! 

It will be an evening with Carolyn and Spencer Capier (and Spencer will even have copies of his brand new Christmas disc with him!).  It's come together on rather short notice -- so please help us spread the word far and wide.  Thanks -- and see you on the road!


Are you coming to play in San Diego anytime soon...please!

I heard you years ago at a church in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful concert! Are you planning to come back anytime time soon and give a Concert anytime soon? I would love to hear you again, live. I can always hear you on Pandora, radio or on my CD's....but there is nothing like listening to you live! It's been a long time!

Ah, San Diego. Nothing

Ah, San Diego. Nothing scheduled right now but we'd LOVE to come back - we'll see what we can do! Thanks for wanting me to come!

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