Feel Free

  • Produced by Brown Bannister and Carolyn Arends
  • Arends wrote or co-wrote all 10 songs
  • Carolyn’s most “electric” record
  • Enhanced CD contains tour of Carolyn’s neighbourhood
  • Juno nominated

Arends has electrified her poetry and created a spunky, folk/rock/pop hybrid, buckling up her deep thoughts for a wild rollercoaster ride. … The colors are loud, the images original, and the overall effect is inspiring.

– Melissa Riddle, CCM Magazine

Liner Notes

Carolyn’s Thank Yous: I owe a debt of gratitude to far more people than I can mention here… so to all who have extended friendship, support, grace and/or food… thank you, thank you, thank you.

Special thanks to the brilliant, creative people who honoured me with their presence on this record: Brown Bannister (it was… awesome), Steve Bishir, Eric Serafin, Hank Nirider, Eric Greedy, Gordon Kennedy, George Cocchini, John Painter, Phil Madeira, Eric Darken, Blair Masters, Jimmie Lee Sloas, Todd Collins, Andy Bowmer, Tim Holt, Molly Felder, Hellenkeller, and last but most definitely not least, my band and my friends… Spencer Capier, Dave Olson and Paul Papworth,. Thank you Connie Harrington for helping me unslump (among other things), Chris Jonat for the great song (among other things) and Cam Jonat for the drum ideas (among other things). Thank you Leanne Ellis, Traci Sterling Bishir, and Laura McMillan for keeping the boat afloat. Thank you Christian Stonehouse for demo ideas. Thank you Roy Salmond for your generosity (guitar-wise and otherwise). Corner Music, Underground Sound and John and Dino Elefante for the use of your most excellent gear.

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Reunion Records for vision, hard work and friendship. Thank you BMG Canada, Nelson and Word Canada and CMC for giving me a voice at home. Enormous thanks to all at Creative Trust for being both creative and trustworthy (especially David, Melissa and Sue, who have gone above and beyond above and beyond).

Thank you Rich Mullins, Gay Quisenberry, Ashley Cleveland, Jimmy A, The Ragamuffins and the crew of the ’95 Ragamuffin Tour for your generous, gracious introduction to this thing we do. Thank you Megan and Jen for hanging with me. Thank you Point of Grace, Scott Krippayne, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Audio Adrenaline for sharing your stages.

To all who bought my records, came to a show, or hummed one of my tunes — you have realized my dreams. Thank you. And to the email and snail mail friends who encourage, cajole and make laugh — I will write back eventually, I promise. I love hearing from you.

Thank you to the friends (including Nicole, Connie, Bernie (WT), Sal & Chris, Nikki & John and Brian & Karen — who despite the miles, can always pick up where we left off. Thank you Mom and Dad for roots, wings and the washer and dryer! You are amazing. Love and gratitude to all the incredible Jonats, Arends and related clan. Special thank to Uncle Doug — world’s greatest press agent.

Mark — 7 years, no itch. Thank you for you. I love you.

Thanks to God who is patiently teaching me that I am free indeed.
John 8:36

Grace and peace,

Carolyn Arends