Confronting Our "Holy" Sins

I sadly was not able to attend the 28th Annual Word Guild Awards in Mississauga, but was so pleased and grateful to learn I had received two trophies. The first was for “Best Lyrics” for the song “Just Getting Started” (part of my 20th Anniversary digital release, available for …

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A New Light on a Dark Friday Cry

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a piece I have revisited each holy week over the past few years. As we remember Jesus’ anguished cry from the cross, we are once again extended an invitation to delve a little deeper into the mystery of just what he might have meant.

Psalm 22, …

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Carbonated Holiness: Laughter is Serious Business

“I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

Psalm 22 and the Princess Bride

(Excerpted from the book THEOLOGY IN AISLE SEVEN, by Carolyn Arends)

My kids finally saw The Princess Bride, a movie their dad and I have loved since our college days. There is something wonderful about watching your favorite people …

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Headless Snakes and Other Matters

A few folks have told me that they heard this story quoted on David Jeremiah’s radio broadcast yesterday. Here is the whole article, with apologies for the snake gore!

Satan’s a Goner